About JackyLuvv


Lashes and Cosmetics created and designed by Celebrity Makeup Artist and Beauty Influencer @Makeupjackyluvv. She is well known for her skincare & makeup tutorials on Tiktok, Instagram + IGTV as well as her healthy eating and detox drinks. Her videos have all gone viral and have been seen by and reposted by the most famous Makeup Companies. She has been a lover of makeup since she was younger as her mom would let her do her makeup as a young girl. Her love for lashes and hair began when she was 15 and learned how to do everything from makeup to braids from YouTube videos. Before she turned 20 she decided to quit her career as a dance teacher and pursue making her own tutorials on Instagram. Her very first videos that went viral were her SFX videos and diy skincare videos. Since then she has continued making tutorials and working along side over 100+ companies in the industry and is looked up to by over 1Million+ followers combined on her socials.